Mexico for the Weekend.

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I accept a challenge that is bigger than me. I get my back pushed up against the wall. But I find that maybe it’s not such a bad place to be.

I have known about an orphanage for kids with special needs in Piedras Negras, Mexico about 6 hours from where I live for about a year and a half or so. Last summer and fall, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I wanted to go. But I couldn’t go alone. So I asked my brother. And then he talked to some friends of his.

Saturday morning, five of us: two girls and three guys, are driving the 6 hours down the border and just across into Piedras Negras to spend our Martin Luther King weekend at Casa Bethesda. It is run by a Mexican pastor that has devoted his life to these precious children. Pastor Paulino began taking in children with disabilities and then realized the Lord’s calling on his life. When he asked his church to help him, and they would not, he left the church and started a new one that would support the lives of the children. There are 24 ‘children’ there ranging in age from 10 to 45 that live on the campus complete with a dorm, two classrooms, a clinic, and a therapy room.

The amazing part about having my back against the wall is that I learn dependency on God. I see His faithfulness. I witness His hand at work in the lives around me, softening hearts and changing minds. I look around as doors open.  I experience His gracious provision.

I don’t know what it will be like. I don’t really know what we will be doing beyond loving on and spending time with the kids. And not so long ago that might have been unraveling for me. But now there is a glorious peace just in knowing that He is in control and has it all planned out. And He said go. And we are going.  

So as we go this weekend, I ask for your prayers. Pray for the relationships that we will build with Pastor Paulino and the people at Casa Bethesda, that seeds will be planted in our lives and their lives alike, and that we will exemplify Christ. Pray for open hearts, ears to hear, and eyes to see that we may be able to follow the Spirit’s leading in every moment. Pray for safety as we travel Saturday and Monday and while we are there. Pray that ‘little things’ will remain little. But most of all pray that Christ will be made known in speech and actions.

I thank you for your prayers. They are what will make this trip.


One response to “Mexico for the Weekend.

  • hilary

    hanna – that sounds awesome! i can’t wait to hear about it. just promise you’ll come back to gabriel house someday…we need you 🙂

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