7 kids between 7 and 8=great.

A lot of the ladies are on vacation and one of them that works with the kids I had all summer wasn’t there today. Thus I ended up working today. I’m pretty sure most of the ladies feel like being down there means they pulled the short end of the stick but I might have to disagree. I won’t lie though I had almost forgotten what spending the full day taking care of and coming up with activities for 7 kids was like. But I mean that in the BEST way possible. I mean its 7 kids between 7 and 8 with special needs and its sooo great. They are just so hilarious and such a source of life and joy.

So much though I am so grateful for all that my parents did and the way that they raised me as well as all the people that have stepped into my life to allow me to pour out now in the way that I am. Today after explaining about four times to one of the kids that the bikes needed to stay outside because they were really dirty, he was back inside with a bike and dirt was all over the floor just as I was calling for him to go with me to run up to the big house. Thus we established he lost that privilege (just as I did soooo many times at his age) and would sweep up all the dirt. But when I returned the lady I was working with was absolutely amazed. He has done it without protest.  

I am pretty sure though that these kids add a couple years to my life each day.

Today we blew up a whole bag of balloons. It’s one of their favorites. And you might think that they would want to play with them or something. Well play we did. We broke every one. The whole activity lasted about 15 minutes. Then everyone cleaned it up in about 15 seconds. And just about that time I looked over to see one of their heads peeking out from behind the bathroom door to see if we were done yet. Precious.

Later as we were playing in the col-de-sac, Marisol was set on finding every mud puddle and riding through it. Not much different than I used to be. You kind of laugh. But this is not really okay here. The kids clothes are changed if they have a little dirt or food on them. But I just kind of brushed it off and said well, she’s just a kid, and she’s going to take a bath later. Somehow that was okay. And then all the others found pleasure in the same puddle. I don’t think we tracked in any dirt… and all their clothes got washed.

At the beginning of the week the kids would mistakenly call me Hilary from time to time and then it became a joke and they used it whenever I didn’t respond immediately. Hilary came down a week before I left and is here for 9 months but gone for Christmas right now. At dinner tonight though, they all decided to start pointing and chanting it. I let them go on for a little while but eventually had to stop it. Hilarious. They are such great kids.


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