This is Beautiful

Walking down a dirt road with a bunch of kids. Two in wheel chairs with cerebral palsy being pushed by kids with down syndrome and autism. And those in wheel chairs are helping out the ones on bikes when they get stuck in the craters in the road. This is beautiful.

A little boy who a couple months ago was consumed by ‘me’ and ‘mine’ who wanted nothing to do with other children especially those with special needs, begging to help teach them and working alongside sounding out words and giving aid with love. This is beautiful.

Having TONS of diapers donated today. This is the second donation this week. This is beautiful.

Pushing Alex in a wheelchair and he reaches out to grab Ne’Ne’s hand as we all walk together down the road. This is beautiful.

Kids in wheelchairs—not in wheelchairs—being pulled in wagons and in the back of bicycles, running around the col-de-sac, just being kids in Mexico. This is beautiful.

Tono asking me to take a picture of him and Ne’ne. A hug and a kiss on the cheek instead of a bite from Ne’Ne’. This is beautiful.

Trying to get the women and kids to drink the donated eggnog (‘special milk’), Teddy pretending to be different animals, and Pilar riding in the basket of a giant bicycle while Marisol pedals. These are hilarious. But the relationships between the kids that transcend age, language barriers, cognition, and physical abilities—these are truly beautiful.

Eleven kids with special needs and in wheelchairs walking to Mama Alicia’s house to yell her name out just for anticipation that she might come out. And she did. She and her husband and daughter opened the door, greeted the children, invited all of us inside. The kids behaved soooo well. But did I mention that it wasn’t wheelchair accessible? She wouldn’t have the boys waiting outside though. Along with her husband, we picked them up and carried them inside to join our smaller children. This is beautiful.  

And if these things are not testament to the hand of God then I don’t know what to call this. For it is truly amazing and there are no words to do it justice. I can but look on and smile. And then lean down hug a child in return for such a similar embrace and besito. The Lord is at work here. And He is beautiful.

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