Slow motion.

After giving hugs and kisses and saying goodnight and giving more hugs and kisses, I walked up the hill and back over to the little apartment where I am staying. I sat on the patio for a while looking out over the fields and mountains. It’s beautiful. And it is so still. It’s amazing.

In a way it feels almost like time has kind of slowed down (Gracias a Dios). This summer I was here for 3 months. Yet it didn’t nearly seem like enough time. Weeks seemed to go by in a day, days in an hour, and hours in but a blink of an eye. But now, as I am just here for a week or so with no agenda but to be a vessel of the Father’s love (whatever that means) it’s as if time hardly exists, as if I have been here for quite some time and have no deadline to leave. So sweet a gift the peace of the Lord.

Coming without a specific ‘agenda’ per say gives room to do so much with all the kids. We work some and play a lot learning all the while. Activities I learned from shadowing an OT this semester have been modified for broad spectrum use, but as was this summer it is so much FUN working with these kids because they don’t get the same undivided attention as kids in the States. It has now been common practice to play up above with the kids, but as I went down to join them I offered to take two of the boys in wheelchairs. It isn’t quite wheelchair accessible, but nevertheless we managed, and all the kids loved it. All of them really love each other. And have a lot of fun together. They are absolutely hilarious. Ill get pictures up eventually…

Me with the boys


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