Just smile.

Day 2 back at Gabriel House.

It doesn’t get much better than just hanging out with kids. Except that I’m not hanging out with just any kids. I’m hanging out with the kids at Gabriel House. And these kids are simply amazing.

A couple moments from today that make me smile (imagine that):

Working with Ne’ne for 45 minutes one on one: an almost everyday occurrence that teaches me love patience and perseverance and has since changed my life.  

Running into Mama Alicia, one of the ladies with whom I was dear friends, on the micro.

The boys showing me their new dorm that is almost finished. It is truly amazing how the Lord has provided and how it has sprung up.

Just hanging out with Teddy, Jose, Alex, Tonio, and Sergio doing crafts making music or maybe even chasing a rooster or two.

Riding bikes and cars and just running around in the col-de-sac with the kids. This would have been a “no-no” this summer but now serves as a testament to how the Lord has worked to allow them to just be kids.

Becky getting here and seeing her boys… but better yet seeing Marcos. Smiles, hugs, kisses, shouts. Pure joy.

Eating dinner with the boys. It’s kind of like family dinner. Except we pray in Spanish and English. And most of them don’t talk. However, they still manage to make fun of me. Not much has changed.

Making a video for Hilary with the boys. They are hilarious.

Laying on the floor watching a movie with Ne’Ne’, Pilar, Ruben, and Marcos. There aren’t words.

Praying with the kids before leaving for the night… at their request. If there weren’t word for the last statement, there are fewer here.

P.S. I just had my Lemon Lime clight and homemade tortillas…. Mmmmmmm.

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