December 27: here and LOVE them.

Marcos Piggy Back Ride

Can I just start out by saying that I love these kids soooooo much? Okay so that doesn’t even begin to capture it. Hardly scratches the surface. What am I to do?

It has been quite a day—early rise to finish up everything and make it to the airport. I made it to San Diego to be greeted by my ‘mexican family’ also known as the Hollenbecks and to also pick up Becky with whom I lived this summer. What a great reunion. In-N-Out, errands, and then Mexicooooo! Before I make it to the part about Gabriel House and the kids, I must say that having Dennis and Debbie here has been such a blessing and I couldn’t be more grateful…

Oh… but then I got to Gabriel House. The boys were up above with the kids at the big house getting ready for dinner. Hugs, kisses, and Teddy’s narration and questioning followed by full conversations through motions and pantomime. Oh how I love it. And then I went below—down to where I spent my summer with the kids that have more than captured my heart. Marcos and Omar, Marisol and Pilar, Ruben and Irene. Oh Ne’ne’. I smile and laugh just as I type that. And Luz, with whom I worked all summer, but more importantly, with whom I became dear friends, she was there today. Ahhhhh. As I walked down to Renie and Ted’s house I was kind of wondering if my heart might explode.

Can you beat that?

At first Ne’ne’ looked at me in disbelief. But that only lasted a moment. After that it was almost impossible to pick up any other kid or have anyone else in my lap. Only almost impossible though. Ruben’s hugs and kisses reveal his sweet heart and the smiles and games of Marisol, Omar and Marcos couldn’t make me appreciate their childhood more.

Loving Ne'Ne'

I think what makes it better is this: 6 months ago I got on a plane not really knowing where I was going, where I would living, what I would be doing, or what I had gotten myself into. I just knew something about kids with special needs, an orphanage in Mexico and that I was committed for 3 months. On my ride down I was told that where I would be working it would be a 3 step forward and return to see two and a half back if you’re lucky kind of place. But the Lord was working. And nothing was impossible with Him. And this is true. And in the last 6 months for me to say that I have a clue what the Lord has done would be a lie. I can’t claim to begin to grasp it. He has done and is doing soooo much! But as I sat on the plane today, and as I held the kids tonight, and now as I type this, I know that He has done so much more in me through those women and kids, and hopefully through me in those women and kids than I can comprehend. I sit in awe of a God for whom nothing is impossible. I sit in awe of my God who loves me.


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