Back to Mexico… :)

In a little less than two weeks I will celebrate our Savior’s birth surrounded by family. Given another day, I will return to Waco. And in two weeks from today, on December 27th, I will once again board a plane and fly to San Diego before heading back down to Mexico.  Back to Ensenada. Back to Gabriel House.

This summer I sat around a table with some of the ladies and they asked me when I was going to come back. I could hear the sarcasm in their voices and it pained me knowing that in the same way that they didn’t really expect anyone to return, neither did the kids. Many empty promises left unfulfilled.

Going into Gabriel House I was told many times that you take three steps forward and come back to see two and a half back. I don’t know what it will be like. But He does. He sees it all. Going in I was told lots of things. And then lots of other things happened.

I told them I didn’t know when, but I would be back. And now I am going back. Returning.

And I am so excited.

To continue to love the kids. And to love the women. To pick up, to clean, to teach, to work, to do therapy, to hug, to give kisses, to tell them how much God loves them and how great His plans are for them.

I would ask that you pray for me in the weeks to come. Pray for energy and rest prior to going to Mexico, and that my time with my family would be rich. Pray for an open heart full of love and a willingness to say and do whatever the Lord may ask of me.


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