Cheat Sheet

2:29 AM.

I guess today is the first dead day officially. However, my finals always seem to be scheduled such that dead days are only dead in the sense that that’s about how I feel. Two dead Days then Two Exams.

One professor lets us take a ‘memory jogger’ into the test with us. A so called cheat sheet. For the final it is two sided and gray. He says the color corresponds to how we will feel afterwards. Oh dear. Mine is almost done: Two pages typed. That is 18 chapters of psychological statistics. 5pt. font. Abbreviations, and almost nonexistent margins allow the whole semester to seem to fit onto one piece of paper. However this cheat sheet really isn’t all that helpful if I don’t know the material on it, or how to navigate it. And it always kind of surprises me as I watch people hurriedly write theirs out right before class.  

But really I am no different. I was once given a cheat sheet for life. A so called ‘memory jogger.’ But if I don’t study it, learn my way around it, and prepare, when I need it, I find myself searching frantically for answers and running out of time. Guessing.

Oh how grateful for a God of mercy, grace and forgiveness—for the Word of God full of answers.


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