Happy Holidays?

Once I came to college, I feel like I became a little confused. Rules were thrown out the door, and coming from a home where they were strictly enforced, this was slightly… well it was a new idea around the holiday season.

As a child, I loved Thanksgiving (and I still do). We fully celebrated thanksgiving complete with decorations and all. But I looked forward to the day after thanksgiving… so that I could wear my Christmas socks. No, I was not allowed to wear them prior to the fourth Friday of November. But then, it was Christmastime.

Now, at 20 years of age, living at the Mountain, I almost feel rebellious. I sit here in Christmas pj’s swaying to the

Yes, Those are Feety Pajamas.

familiar carols as I look around at the last bits of our decorations we just put up. (the first ones went up October 16th) We have a Christmas tree that would resemble that of Charlie Brown, lights hanging from the windows, and stockings hung under the TV. Last night 5 of us piled into the car dressed in Christmas garb and drove to look at a five mile stretch of Christmas lights with hopes of maybe visiting Santa too.

Today is November 21. Thursday will be Thanksgiving.

I’m not sure whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe this is when it is appropriate to say Happy Holidays.


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