E team Flag Football

I just got in from my last intramural flag football game and by the look of my mud covered leggings and tennis shoes you would think that we were on one of the intense teams at the top of the bracket. Don’t be mistaken. As a rule, when I sign up for intramurals I note please place on low letter team beside my name. It just makes everything more fun. However, that also attracts a lack of competitive nature among the other players as well as a lack of dedication. Thus, as we stood there waiting for the game tonight, we found our team reduced to five + 1 sub. And the other team—at the top of their bracket—they were quite a bit taller than we were with all their players plus some. Oh and we had neither won a game nor scored a touchdown. Every so often though a little shepherd boy named David gets to conquer Goliath. And tonight was E team’s night. Our first points of the season were multiplied with a safety, touchdown, and extra point for a win! You may laugh at us (I do too) but for a team that is 0-0 and a lot, a couple points elicited hugs, high fives, cheers, and of course—the team picture: all 6 of us.

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