waco meets ensenada

This afternoon, our special needs ministry team will go to Friends for Life just like other Wednesdays. We will greet smiling faces, give hugs, and help with crafts. However, today will be a little different. And it excites me. Today, the pilgrim and Indian hats we make will be put in a box with letters we write or pictures we draw and mailed to Gabriel House—to share our culture with the kids there. It is the beginning of pen pal program we are starting between the people at Friends for Life in Waco, TX and the kids at Gabriel House in Ensenada, MX—people with special needs loving and encouraging one another cross culturally. From the Baylor perspective, it’s where local missions meets global missions. Except without ever leaving and it’s not a group of well off college students doing the ‘missions’ part—its kids and adults with disabilities. And they are SOOO excited about writing the kids!

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans12:10

I would have to say they are doing a good job.


One response to “waco meets ensenada

  • Heather Mustain

    What an amazing thing to see come to fruition! We are proud of you Hanna and the impact you are having in Waco and Ensenada. You are making a difference and it’s contagious.

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