This semester I have been attending Antioch Community Church, and let me tell ya—God is doing some great stuff in and through this body of believers. They have been translating in Spanish for a while now and had a couple life groups in Spanish but the community is primarily Hispanic. Spanish is their first language. So yesterday they had their first prayer and worship time in Spanish. The nations were there—I sat next to a lady from Costa Rica and another from Colombia.

And we prayed together. And we worshiped our Father together. We heard testimonies, and God’s plan for this service. Oh how good to speak in Spanish –to worship in Spanish. We sang todopoderoso. So many times I sang that song with kids at GH, or listened to them sing it, or sang it in church at Dios es amor. And now, to share in similar community here is such a blessing.

Tomorrow I will meet with the other local missions leaders to talk about the hi’s and lo’s of our ministry teams, to pray for each other and to talk about what we are to do with 300—yes 300 shirts. Local Mission launched a fundraiser during missions week themed ‘love where you live’ with the same idea of TOMS shoes. The idea was simple: love Waco. A Baylor student buys one shirt and that pays for a shirt for one or two (if they choose) shirts for people impacted by the local missions teams each week—the kids clubs, the hospital ministry, the special needs ministry, tolitha kuum (sp?), world hunger farm, tutorials. However, we didn’t expect such a response. It’s amazing how God works.

He is all powerful I would say…

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