That good old Baylor line! That good old Baylor line! We’ll march forever down the years, as long as stars shall shine. We’ll fling our green and gold afar To light the ways of time, and guide us as we onward go; That good old Baylor line!

This weekend brought the green and gold back to Baylor. Floats were built and marched down 5th street—the largest homecoming parade in the country. Friends, family, and alumni filled Waco Hall to watch the top 8 acts from Sing perform Pigskin Revue. This year made the 100th year of homecoming at Baylor University.

Thus, it consisted of a couple of things:

Green and gold and green and green and gold. Oh and Sic’ em Bears.

Justin running across stage in a silver jumpsuit as a sound effect.

I was a dancing fruit—a strawberry to be exact.

Homecoming 014

LOTS of people lining 5th street to watch the largest homecoming parade in the nation


Maturity lost as friends were reunited, old memories relived, and new ones made…

The mountain (my apartment) warmed by my roommate’s family.

Homecoming 008

My family altogether for a couple days to enjoy the homecoming spirit.

A freezer full of food and a counter covered in cakes left from our two families.

A lot more time in my schedule without pigskin and float…

Confession: For those who are proud of my Baylor Spirit for now knowing “the Good Old Baylor Line” I must admit I looked up the lyrics. And it started singing in class. Go ahead. Laugh a little.

One response to “Homecoming

  • Caroline

    I was about to comment that I have never really understood the Baylor Line words and that I was impressed that you knew them.


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