Arkansas and back again

My blogging on a Monday morning may come as a slight surprise. However, I write from the fifth row of a 250 person neuroscience class as perception slides flash across a screen and a graduate student tells us what we should be seeing. As a child I boasted of my ability to pick out the pictures and was immediately drawn toward the books filled with optical illusions. Now I can feel my age (yes, all 20 years) creeping up on me as they spin before my eyes and they Dalmatian still remains hidden…Can you find it? dalmatian-illusion  

Maybe though it’s from the exhaustion of a weekend well spent.

Fayetteville 011

Who would know that a single day’s break could bring such rest to so many college students? Or lack thereof? Fall break took me up to Fayetteville to visit friends and family that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I And oh how good to be with all of them! Just catching up with the friends I seem to have known forever and family that has known me forever draws the heart. Colored leaves and brisk air in October, rich accents and flavorful southern food, football–woo pig sooie!, hilarious friends and family with little reserve 🙂 We joke about it all, but the fact of the matter is, but there’s nothing quite like Arkansas. Its where I’m from and I love it.


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