bits and pieces

I donated blood for the first time last week. To my surprise, I did so quickly and successfully. After years of passing out in the doctor’s office, I thought for sure I would be out cold on the table. Now I am following in my father’s footsteps, a proud blood donor.

Special Needs Ministry continues going amazing. Last week we took a craft to Friends for Life: gluing tissue paper to leaves. I have never seen some of them smile, but that afternoon, having our group interact with them, on my side, all but two (and I hope to see those two come join as well) made leaves while grinning ear to ear! Such joy! It’s amazing what a little love and investment can do…  

My brother went to Arkansas this last weekend for a med school interview. Thus we switched cars—a common occurrence lately: props to Justin for all the interviews! However, having Dora the Explorer takes me back to high school when we shared it. No gas. Mysterious smells. No telling what is in it. Nevertheless, my car came back with a box of brownies and cookies from my mom! Mmmm I could only laugh when I noticed that it was taped shut… with lots of tape. Thanks mom! 

Tomorrow tri delta will drive to Dallas to perform our Sing act from the Spring, and next weekend we will perform at Pigskin revue for homecoming. We won first place with our Fresh Pickins’. After hours of practice, the moves are sharp, and tomorrow our SING faces will make the finishing touches.

This weekend is fall break, and though my plans aren’t entirely secure, I hope to head back to Arkansas for a couple days to spend some time at Fayetteville with friends from high school. Being in Mexico all summer, it has been quite some time since I last saw them!

Homecoming is next weekend. At Baylor this is big. Correction: BIG. Baylor has the largest homecoming parade in the country, and this weekend brings families from across the country back for the Bonfire, Pigskin Revue, and on occasion football (maybe more to watch the other team). My parents are coming down to visit Justin and me and see us as we appear in Pigskin: Justin as a Sound effect in ATO’s act and me as a Strawberry in Tri Delta’s act! We are excited to all be together in the midst of the craziness that is homecoming weekend!


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