Rubbing Off

JonahI had only glanced at the title of my roommate’s blog entry before I ran downstairs to make coffee in preparation for a night at the library. Spills. I laughed. She is so well known for hers. But as momma always said, (and the Bible for that matter) pride goes before a fall. Coffee grounds fell to the floor and my attempt to pour water into the coffee maker was almost futile. A waterfall flowed from the counter. I laughed harder imagining Caroline there with me: only my second attempt to make coffee. Growing up in a family of ‘non-coffee drinkers’ I guess you could say that my roommates have rubbed off on me. The coffee may have to do a bit with the demands of the college world and it’s probably a habit I should kick early in the game, but as I look around I am humbled by the blessings in my life—all those that the Lord has uniquely positioned in some aspect of my day to day activities to chisel away at my old habits and little by little turn new ideas into common knowledge and a part of who I am.

My roommate, my friends, and the girls in my sorority here in Waco could not come as greater blessings, making me a little bit more quirkier, stealing hammocks and learning pledge songs, but also sharing passions and inspiring each other—leading by example, and living lives worthy of the calling. I am grateful we share life together. The interns that lead the missions teams through the BSM are constantly rubbing off on me with constant encouragement as they pour not only into their work but also into each of us leading a team. Mallory does all she can to enable us to best minister to the community. Her heart and passion is contagious. Those at Friends for Life have a huge impact on me every time I go. The smiles that spread across their faces and the joy that radiates when embraced with a hug comes as a reminder that though I may feel ill equipped, with Christ in me, I am His hands and feet. Carol Salveson, the Occupational Therapist I observe is stretched so thin with a more than full load yet puts everything into her work. Her perseverance, endurance and commitment to the kids and the work she is doing exhibit her love for her job and more importantly for each child. And I learn about Occupational Therapy. Each day I observe, I am affirmed in what the Lord has called me to do.

 So many are ‘rubbing’ off on me in this chapter of my life and I am so genuinely grateful for each bit I can grasp hold of. As for the coffee and spills: I will probably need the caffeine in the morning. Let’s just hope the spills were a onetime thing. Caroline has much better traits for me to catch onto.


One response to “Rubbing Off

  • Denns

    Actually Hanna, look at the photo you posted,,,it’s kind of weird. If your roommates head was tilted a bit to the left it would look really freaky.
    Good to see you are having fun.

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