October 1

September is over now. Today is October 1st. By the time I finish writing this however, it will probably be October 2nd. Oh how the days pass by. With school in full swing now, this hour of night has become all too typical. Today launched my next round of tests and after this week I beliimage005eve I have one written in every week of my planner. The last couple nights I have sat on my floor with my human physiology notebook and my white board. I could share the details, but I already know the looks I would get(even over the internet). They are the same ones I have received from my roommates as I somehow try to tie something I have learned into conversation—all a failed attempt to feel as if the material I am learning has purpose in the world. Deep down I know it does. That purpose just doesn’t come while sitting across from a religion major at the dinner table or standing in the kitchen watching a film and digital media major bake cookies. Sometimes the vision for this learning—the hours of studying—it all seems a bit distant. I lose sight. But it is in those times I realize that I have taken my eyes off of God and instead am looking to the future—to make my own plans. Funny thing is… He already has it planned out for me.


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