because He lives.

Special Needs Ministry has started and it is truly amazing to see the Lord working through it. In some ways it is out of control—I have no power over where it is going or what will happen, but I genuinely believe that is what the Lord wants. Full dependence on Him—just ask Him ya know? Let me share a bit…

In the past, we have “shown up” at the ARC meetings, or supper club, or Special Olympics once a month each with a ‘good’ group consisting of two or three. But as we sought the Lord’s will for the ministry team, we felt that He wanted more. And so we offered our team to yet another group. And the Arc asked more of us. And we said yes. And then after all of that, we had an interest meeting with the faith that God would provide the people to support these groups.

As a ministry team, we are serving twice a week… and as He is faithful, He has provided the people. At supper club we are able to support children and teens with autism and their families. At the ARC, we are able to join some of the same people continuing to build those relationships as well as other adults with developmental disabilities. And on a weekly basis, a group of us visits Friends for Life, an adult day care center. Let me tell you. These guys are great!

We enter to hugs and smiles, handshakes, and introductions. We draw pictures, do puzzles, play dominoes, and just listen to life stories. On Wednesday, one friendly man greeted me with a song. BECAUSE HE LIVES I CAN FACE TOMORROW, BECAUSE HE LIVES ALL FEAR IS GONE! He sang the whole song from start to finish, all at the top of his lungs without any hesitancy. It is his favorite. I must say these guys are testament that nothing is impossible with Christ. Some would say that someone with a mental disability could never comprehend basic conecepts let alone the complexities of a God that created the universe yet knows and loves us as individuals, but time and time again, I witness it. And I genuinely believe He speaks to their hearts in a way that is far beyond our comprehension. It leaves me wondering,  with a desire to know Him in the same way, if they don’t have “more of Jesus” than we do. For as I spent time with my singing friend—the one who belted it out for all of us to hear, I heard bits and pieces of his story—about how his mom and dad have died as well as his step dad and he now lives with his foster family. But still he sings his favorite song. 

Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living, Just because He lives! A big smile spread across His face, the joy of the Lord is evident in His life and it is contagious.


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