into the wee hours

Friday finished up my first round of tests (with the exception of racquetball that is, and as funny as it sounds the skills test may truly be a struggle!). At Baylor they seem to come in phases. n827260511_6814596_760085Though I know the timing has to do with the natural flow of the material taught, in the wee hours of the morning cramming for a combination of biology and physics in the basement of Moody Library or neuroscience and psychological statistics with a cup of coffee at our kitchen table I would like to think the professors have a mass meeting at which they all schedule them together… to make it worse for us. Its amazing the ideas we can come up with at 2:30 in the morning. We once figured out all the ways that Baylor would give us an automatic 4.0. Maybe if we would have spent that time studying, we all would have had 4.0’s.

However, each semester is different. Last semester, I saw the wee hours of the night were an opportunity to praise God for I knew that it was only through His power that I could persist. Struggling with migraines for the majority of the semester, studying had never been such a difficulty, reading pained me, and the effect of the migraines on my cognitive ability made learning material that much harder. But what an opportunity to develop endurance. This week, as I became frustrated as I watched the hours pass by, reviewing the structures of the brain, longing for my bed, the our father came upon me in the sweet way He does. And He reminded me that He had delivered me from those times. And He has. I have not had but one headache since May. So now when school draws me to the wee hours of the night, it is a reminder to praise our Father for I am able to study. I am able to learn. I understand the material. He created me with this brain and gave me these abilities. He is worthy of my praise.  He deserves it. Mighty. Awesome. Wonderful.

One response to “into the wee hours

  • Angeli

    sweet hanna-nuh, i love you dearly and i am so, so happy to hear that your migraines have subsided and that you are enjoying your new major. can’t wait to see you again and to pay Moods a little visit..we’ll have to make a CG run before hand though just for old time’s sake. olive you!!

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