little moments

The last week has picked me up, thrown me around, and set me back down all in a whirlwind. At times I felt a bit like a chicken running around with my head cut off. I didn’t know what the next day would hold, nor the next hours to be completely honest. But it was good.

My birthday was sweet. My friends gave me a card with money in it with one stipulation: that it be spent on kids in Mexico. My heart melted. I don’t think I could express to them what it meant to me—probably the best gift I have ever received.

Wednesday I visited Friends for Life, one of the locations where our Special Needs Ministry will be working this year. My co-leader, Ryan, and I were immediately distracted from our ‘tour’ and orientation when we entered the room where everyone was. It was so good to be there and in some ways reminded me so much of Gabriel House.

Then, thanks to a friendship with a teacher in Waco I have been so blessed by all summer, I began observing the Occupational Therapist for Waco ISD. I want to soak up everything that she tells me and does with the kids! I must say though, as much as I want to take it all back, it was nice to be on the learning end and not on the teaching…

, I am just back from West Fest in West, TX with some of the best friends—more of a fair than anything to do with Czech culture, but of course there were girls dressed up to fit their cultural heritage. Such fun to spin around until you are almost sick when you are doing it and laughing with your friends.

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