On Friday, I got to see my friend Jaymie. As one person put it, we looked like “little kids that had just gotten a new toy.” Though we have never even lived in the same area, our friendship has a depth that is hard to explain—a friendship birthed at a mission trip two years ago that has never ceased to grow. She has a heart for the Lord and I am always anxious to hear how He is using her for His kingdom!

However, I woke up this morning and it was a Monday morning—in every sense of the word. I woke up fifteen minutes late and had to rush out the door without breakfast. The kids didn’t want to eat their breakfast. However, it always seems that it is those that don’t like to sit that always finish first. So there we were trying to get three to sit and four to eat. Oh Mondays.  

But my Monday morning continued. Somehow showering and dressing seemed to take twice as long as normal and before five were dressed two were already in time out. The morning followed with the common throwing of shoes and socks and he pushed me or she hit him. With now eight kids down below, it seems that something is almost always being thrown or someone is being hit. And when I came time for my lunch, I left Luz with the kids working on an art project to go get a coke, eat lunch, and pray.

All summer my prayer has been that I would lay foundations that would outlast my time –those that come not just with the kids but with the women. For as I have many times been told, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.  

When I returned, Luz was working one on one with the kids with special needs. In the last week, it has been like God’s hand came in and changed everything. My mindset shifted from only having X number of weeks left to still having that much time left, and God began to give me a glimpse of the foundation that he is using me and has been using me to lay though I still have much to do!

My Monday didn’t end with that, but somehow, I never find myself discouraged here. There is always the peace that God is doing something bigger. Sure there are the times and the days when there aren’t enough time out chairs for all the kids that need it, but still God is bigger. And then I sit with Irene reading or Omar and Marcos teaching them English or praying with Ruben or Pilar before they eat. So I kind of like Mondays. They put my attention and my focus where it needs to be.


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