Dead one day, working the next.

Dead one day, working the next. That seems so hard to comprehend—so hard to grasp even though I know it true, but it is of the Lord and no one has ever said that he is comprehendible, let alone easy to comprehend. But that is how it went.

On Friday, Dulce, who does the medications, felt like she was going to pass out. And she did. But she didn’t just pass out. She stopped breathing. She didn’t have a pulse. Her lips and her fingers were completely blue. For five minutes. And they prayed. And as Jesus is Lord, she started breathing again. The ambulance took her to the hospital, and I guess she went home that evening because though she really should have stayed home, she was back the next day at work.

I don’t comprehend God, and such concepts as this—death and life and the order which we are taught they follow just rattle my mind; However I cannot in any way deny or demean what he has done here. For God is bigger than it all. He has authority over life and death and time—he has authority over all. Five simple words to type but that my mind cannot hardly begin to grasp. He has authority over all. She was effectively dead. But she is alive. All glory to God.

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