Beach Week

Gabriel House Beach 016Gabriel House Beach 065Gabriel House Beach 006

This week was “beach week.” Filled with water, sand, food, games, smGabriel House Beach 041iles and laughter, the kids couldn’t have been happier or more blessed by this group. They also couldn’t have been more tired… and I guess you could say I was a little bit so myself. I would have written sooner, but between the beach days and the work days I was frankly exhausted when I came to sit down at my computer. This group has been coming for years and the kids always look forward to them.

Tuesday was beach day for my kids, and though it was my day off, I went along as well. There wasn’t a moment in time that each of those kids wasn’t being loved on and tended to. They were hoisted in the air and thrown around. Toys, games, a new environment; different food for lunch and dinner; they gave them baths and got them ready to go. And then there was the beach time… oh the beach time.

Gabriel House Beach 074Gabriel House Beach 006Gabriel House Beach 032

Marisol  and Ruben never left the water. The farthest they made it was the raft that was filled with water resting five feet from where the tide was washing up on the sand. And then on the opposite end was Nay-Nay. Typically, we can’t get her out of the pool. However, the ocean is a bit bigger, and I guess it scared her. A lot. ALLÁ ALLÁ! She screamed pointing back towards the house as I carried her into the waves. She tried everything she could to go back to the house. All in all though, all the kids loved it.

Gabriel House Beach 068Gabriel House Beach 061Gabriel House Beach 062

Originally, I had not planned on getting wet, or going in the water. I was just going to be there to help out and to take pictures—to see their excitement. But the longer I stay, the deeper my love for them grows and the more it becomes like that of a mother’s in that I don’t only want to see these children’s excitement, but I want to share in it. So within a short time, they had me in the water, holding them, pulling them in the raft, and helping them jumping over waves. What happy tired children we had coming home that night—myself included.

Gabriel House Beach 012Gabriel House Beach 016Gabriel House Beach 015

Then I went back once more with the boys on Friday to get to share with them a second day at the beach. I cannot express the blessing that this group is to these kids, to the women, and to Gabriel House. All that they do and the effort that they put into doing it amazes the women and truly magnifies the love of Jesus Christ! I know that the group must be exhausted as they go back now, but there is truly no better exhaustion than that that comes from sharing the love of Christ.

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