Time: friend or enemy?

My computer sits on the kitchen table. To my right, hanging on the wall is the calendar. Days go by. The second hand on the clock on the wall in front of me keeps ticking. For a moment, I wish it would stop. I wish time would pause for a moment—or slow down. Morning turns into afternoon and today and tomorrow become yesterday. Those days we anxiously awaited now seem to have passed forever ago.

And as I look at the calendar and engage in conversation, I find myself frustrated with the concept of time and the little bit I have left here. I am asked when I am coming home, when I am going back to Baylor, what I am going to do. And I begin to take on the mindset that August 15th has already come—frustrated that I do not have more time here. The Lord has done and is doing so much. The kids are growing and learning and have come so far. Our Father has broken down so many cultural barriers to allow this and continues to do so. I have become friends with so many of the ladies. And I know that better things are yet to come. I want to be here longer. I want to be a part of what God is doing. I want to love these kids. I want to demonstrate God’s love to them and to the women, yet without the confinement of time. And thanks to God, I was reminded that its not that I only  have three and a half weeks left, its that I still have three and a half weeks left! I have three and half weeks to love, to work, to teach, and to play; to do therapy and, to build relationships, to clean; to make mistakes and to learn from them; to speak spanish; to hug and to hold; to paint and to make messes (or show that its okay); to fight children to sit at the table, to give baths, to brush teeth, to do laundry and whatever else the Lord has in store!

Rejoice Hanna!—He seems to be telling me—you are doing what you love and serving who you love! And you still have three and a half more weeks left. Lets do it together. Do you trust me? Shall we do it my way? Remember—I have a plan…


One response to “Time: friend or enemy?

  • Denns

    Hey! were you off this weekend? We’ve been keeping an ear out for a call from you. Take each day as it comes and enjoy every minute that you have and watch the sun go down with a smile.
    Oh yea,,,you missed the big “Painting Donna”. She looks good in Turquoise!

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