I am so in love with these kids. I can’t get enough of them. I decided to take Gabriel House 353a ‘rest’ day today. I slept in (9:00ish), made myself breakfast, and after cleaning up sat down on my bed to read. However, sitting there, I can hear their laughs and screams and shouts. Omar and Marcos, Marisol, Chloe, and Pilar, Ruben, and Irene’. Oh how I love them. I guess I haven’t ever been very good at resting anyways.

I take Ruben, Pilar, and Nay-Nay up above to the big house to work with them. They live for it—to get one on one attention; it’s so rare. But oh the children that come out! Pilar is hilarious! She waves as we walk up. Adios she says as Gabriel House 351if she is leaving for days. She has now almost mastered the hopper ball that my mom sent me, loves to try to write her name, does puzzles without problems, has motions for all my picture cards, and can match flawlessly. I tried to get her to stand on one foot today though and it looked more like she was trying to ice skate though haha. Ruben who hates to follow directions does so while making eye contact. He is calm controlled and prefers to sit at the table, do puzzles, and learn his letters. He picks up sign language SO quickly and I am convinced that his potential goes far beyond what any of us know. Not really engaged with all the others, he tells me what he wants to do while one on one! And then there is Nay-Nay. She is hilarious on the hopper ball. Determined to do it all by herself she falls off and just laughs. She cracks me up, but has come so far this summer.

And then there is Blanca who has stolen my heart. We are all convinced that she can Gabriel House 370walk. But like all the other kids, she needs one on one attention and therapy. And those are rare commodities here. But oh how I love her. So we sat together today for a while and walked some. She is precious. Truly a gift from God.

So about resting… I did. And I continue to. God gives me rest. He provides energy and strength for what He has called me to. He always has and continues to still. He is my truly my strength.  Gracias a Dios. All glory to Him.

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