Moments that bring a smile…

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Sitting at the table playing Candy land with Omar and Marisol while Nay-Nay sits on my lap. Of course I was cheating, but all for their good. Smiles all around with each card that was drawn.

Ruben, Pilar, and Nay-nay so excited about talking about picture cards that they had to share them with Luz and show her too.

Ruben (who usually takes his shoes off and throws them) being so excited about his new shoes that he couldn’t stop looking at them and got his foot stuck in the gate. Precious.

Marcos, Omar, and Marisol working on math with balloons. Omar and Marcos were too scared to do the “subtraction” so Marisol broke them all while grinning ear to ear.

Reading books with all the kids. Every time we get to the part of “Hands are not for hitting” that says they are for hugging Nay Nay has to give me a hug.

Ruben with dot art in his hair. Luz thought he split his head open.

Nay-Nay, Pilar and Ruben “helping” with laundry and cleaning. We have lots of big helpers now.

Soaking the boys up above the hose while my kids were in the kiddie pools. “ABAJO” (down below) they would yell, and “ARRIBA” (up above) my kids would yell. Laughs all around.

Seven kids wearing animal masks and chasing each other around. Ruben (who we call our little elephant) requested the elephant mask and pretended to be one.

Eating lunch with the ladies, talking about the kids, and making jokes.


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