Ruben and Nay-Nay?

Sitting at the table eating lunch with the ladies today, one of them commented that I was only staying until the middle of August, followed by another asking me when I would be back. I didn’t have an answer but couldn’t in any way deny my love for the children here. I told them that I want to return. Ruben and Nay-Nay are what will make you want to come back they joked. And I kind of laughed with them (Ruben and Nay-Nay are thought of by the ladies to be the two biggest behavior problems-the two hardest kids). But the truth is—yeah. Ruben has his struggles. Nay-nay is not a walk in the park. But I am drawn toward them. And it is the kids like them that make this place for me. I don’t go in on days off to spend time with the typical kids, though I love each of them immensely. It is the others—the ones that don’t really know how to play with a lot of toys correctly, that throw tantrums to communicate, and that still have accidents. It’s the ones that bite their hands (or others) when they have strong emotions, and that give love “pats” that evoke fights. There is something about these kids. Yeah there are the hugs and the kisses and the moments when they do something good and Ruben looks up with a big grin on his face ready for a high five and a “fist” or Nay-Nay and Pilar are sharing and playing together, or all three are sitting nicely, working, but I think there is something bigger in there. I dreamed of serving God by working in an orphanage for children with special needs. This is my dream. God is already not only giving it to me, but rather has called me here… and I am only 19. But how do I explain that to women who get paid less than two dollars an hour and trying to make ends meet? I’m not even sure how to explain that to people in America that make a decent living and lack a language barrier.


One response to “Ruben and Nay-Nay?

  • Holly Jenkins

    Hanna, the pictures are beautiful, and the children there are truly blessed to have you with them. It is apparent that God has given you a gift to love and care for these special children. I love the pool pictures, and the big smiles. I pray God will continue to give you wisdom beyond your years with these kids, and you will continue to bring joy and smiles to their beautiful faces. Stay safe, and let me know if you need anything.

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