A picture is worth a thousand words.

 Gabriel House 319

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. For this one though, I think I could offer many more with ease.

To most, yeah this picture is cute, precious, funny—the image of summer, of kids, of laughter, of fun. 7 kids. 2 kiddie pools. But then for someone that knows these kids, it is so much more. Somehow this picture not only captured the smiles and the laughs of an afternoon of waterplay and kiddie pools (also probably the only picture I have with all 7 kids in the same picture), but it also captures the individual personalities of each child. I can’t help but smile at these unique and amazing kids, who they are, and who they are becoming—each fearfully and wonderfully made by an all knowing Creator with a divine plan in mind for each, and I hope that this picture brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart just as it does to mine.

I’ll begin with Pilar in the back left—pink pool; pink swimsuit. She kind of does her own thing—quieter than most of the others. She isn’t our social butterfly though she usually will follow someone around. She loves to color and read with us and play with sensory balls. She is bright and does puzzles without problems. Oh how I love Pily.

Next to her—airborne—in the red short—is Ruben. And he is quite the character. I didn’t know that you could do a cannon ball in 6 inches of water and soak someone standing five feet away, but he successfully showed me the light. He is hilarious. He likes to jump and swing and throw things. He is a big fan of drawing especially with markers though he often prefers his arms over his paper. Though a strong will, with all his hugs and kisses you just have to love him.

In front of him is Irene—or as I was corrected tonight while I was trying to teach her to write her name—No me llamo Nay Nay. She is the one biting her hand in the picture, but she has come so far. She talks so much now and is imagining and pretending and learning all kinds of things. More than anything though, she loves to swing, jump on the trampoline, blow bubbles, and above all else use the vibrator. Oh Nay Nay. She is quite a character.

As is Marisol who is in the blue swimsuit. Though she may at first appear shy, and sweet (which she is of course) she is also a bit mischievous, a little bit stubborn, and quite the athlete! She can definitely hold her own with the boys and is really bright. She loves learning English and picks it up quickly and flawlessly like a sponge!

Just in front of Marisol, in the red shorts is Marcos. And this picture couldn’t capture him better. It is just Marcos. He is well—I guess you could say a bit of a class clown at times. He is hard working though, loves to be the helper, and really when it comes down to it, he just wants to be loved and wants attention. He loves playing with cars and swinging outside or watching tv or playing games. Recently he has come to LOVE doing homework. Although school is done, they needed some extra help so we are working on “homework” throughout the summer. Marcos moreso than all the others is eager to learn and eager to work. Such a bright young soul.

His compadre, Omar is in splashing water on him. The two of them roughhousing or fighting is not uncommon. Omar, the leader of the pack often eggs him on to get a laugh. Like Marcos, Omar is eager to learn and work though school is out and homework is not required. Omar is very artistic and makes all kinds of things, loving art time every day. He loves to read and write and draw—really an intelligent kid.

And last but not least miss Chloe in the yellow and orange with the curls. Though I know she loves the water I laugh at her posture in this picture. She has quite the personality and keeps us on our toes. A little mischevious often with an agenda of her own, but all in all very sweet and very cute. Aren’t they all though?

They make me laugh. A lot. With them. Sometimes at them. Sometimes at the things they do. They are hilarious. Their personalities are amazing—wonderful—beautiful. I love it. I love them.


One response to “A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Bryan Abramovitz

    Hey Hanna,

    This is Bryan Abramovitz, your dad’s friend… I wanted to tell you that I am taking good care of your car…Your dad is entrusting it to my care this summer and I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to do so…I also really find the tri-delta sticker a nice touch and I will display it proudly… Whenever you cone back home and you have a free evening I’d love to take you out for some coffee or ice cream (depending on the season) to show my thanks…take care in Mexico! You are doing a great work for the Kingdom!

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