More than blessed.

This week the blessings have flowed forth. The day after I arrived back, I was simply overwheGabriel House 256lmed by all that God had in store—in the great and the small. A group here to build the boys’ new dorm and with them a speech pathologist to work with all the kids. She left us all kinds of activities and materials. Kim who will be leaving us shortly had a trailer donated to her. A blessing of new clothes came in for all the girls. Cake and ice cream for the kids. Sweets are rare so this was a special treat. Kim had bought the little ones a kiddie pool. I didn’t know that they could a cannonball in 6 inches of water but then there is Ruben. Oh… and a trip to the movies: 13 kids. 13 popcorns. 13 cokes. 10 adults. All for free. 12 of the 13 kids had never been to a movie theater before.

And I got be a part.

4945_1175070300652_1344921925_472347_7104985_nI got to share in their excitement, their anxiety, their fear of the movie theater. After all they had never been. These kids get excited to go to the doctor because they get to ride in the car, and soda is never allowed, so all of them going to the movies with popcorn and soda! Oh their faces! Oh their joy! To be a part of their first trip to the movies was truly a blessing.

As the commonly used word, “hijos” or sons, begins to take root, I am coming to see the Father’s love for “mis hijos” and for each of us. He shares in our excitement. He wants to calm our anxiety. He wants to celebrate with us and to be a part of it all. That’s part of what love is. That’s part of what it does.


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