missed simplicity.

Tomorrow makes one month since I arrived at Gabriel House. It makes one month since I first walked onto the property and saw the smiling faces of the children that I now hold and hug and kiss almost every day. It makes one month since I began to grasp love and it makes one month minus one day since I began to see the depth of the needs at Gabriel House and the ways I could contribute.

So after being here a little while, Becky and I decided to go to San Diego to do some shopping. I found  magic erasers to ease the crayon on the wall and little belts that will hold up the pants on my boys with little waists. It was toothbrushes and stickers and ways to display artwork. It was trying to come up with games that bridge the gap between those that are functioning at a 6 year old level and those that aren’t.  

Upon arriving at Mexican Medical offices though I had packages (our mail goes there) already filling many of the needs! What blessings! Vitamins, socks, underwear, index cards, hair ties, books and all in mass quantities! Upon getting back, I got to take the vitamins and index cards and some of the hair ties to Angelica and share with her the blessings. Angelica runs Gabriel House on a day to day basis taking care of the medications, needs, doctors’ appointments, and overseeing all that goes on directly. She is truly a blessing with an amazing story and an genuine love for the kids. She gives thanks to God for the blessings and to those of you who bring it as do I.

The needs at Gabriel House are great, but many are not complex but instead rather simple—like socks and underwear and oh how they needed them (they will now have enough for quite a while) Diapers. Toothbrushes. Toothpaste. Q-tips. Ziplocs. Notebook Paper. Post it Notes. Index Cards.

I am stopped as I realize how I easily I get caught up in the hussle and bussle of my life that I forget that there are needs that I can meet that are so simple. Something as simple as index cards today was a huge blessing and an answer to prayer. Yet I spend money on so many things I don’t need while needs so inexpensive—so simply met are left unmet or struggling to be met. How long have I been missing it?


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