A little bit of the last two days

Today and yesterday were my days “off.” However, yesterday I volunteered to help with the hospital visit pushing wheelchairs and such. I got to go with Martin who schools the boys with CP, takes the kids to school, takes kids to Dr’s appointments, and does all the therapy. He is one of the most amazing people I have met thus far. He truly has a heart for the kids and Gabriel House and most importantly the Lord. He gets the needs of the kids and is constantly praying for them and spending time in the Word, and his relationship is evident in is his attitude and actions. He is patient with all of them and offers great wisdom. The hospitals here are quite different—more like a big waiting room with all the different doctors’ offices off of the same room.  Then, the tests and such are all done in other parts of the hospital before bringing them back to that same little office.

Then we had our outing of the day—Calimax on the micros. I don’t mind the micros at all but it is always humorous with bags of groceries and our backpack full as well. Neverless, we boarded the micros with our backpacks full of food for us and the kids and sacks in hand. Sometimes I wonder what the onlookers think of the two Americans…

Last night I also got to spend some time talking with Renie about the kids I am working with and what all she is looking for and wanting. They so need structure and therapy—they need love and patience—they need moms and dads. But I can help with the first couple. So please be praying as I continue to bring structure into the pre-school and to work with the kids. I got permission to pull them out on my days off to work with them more and was able to begin today.

The prayers for these kids and this place, and the Lord’s will here is evident as I am time and time amazed at the ease of working with the kids. We started on the trampoline with counting and commands and following directions before moving to the swings with all three to work on the alphabet and sounds. They drew pictures and blew bubbles—and were so happy! It was amazing!

Gabriel House 105Gabriel House 111Gabriel House 097Gabriel House 098

(from left: Pilar showing off her picture, Ruben, Irene, Pilar) 

Please be praying for the kids and the women and for me as I continue to bring structure into the class. Pray for wisdom on my part—for the Lord’s timing, for courage, and for creativity. Pray for me to model structure for the ladies. More specifically—pray for Marcos and that we might ALL pour love on him right now.  

Gabriel House 128Gabriel House 125Gabriel House 106

(from left: Marcos and Irene with bubbles, Marisol with my camera, Ruben coloring)


One response to “A little bit of the last two days

  • Mom

    hanna-boo, daughter of mine,
    Miss you more than I can say tonight. As I look at those little faces, I feel what you feel and pray you can minister with wisdom and compassion and strength as you’re a conduit for Christ’s love.
    I love you sweetie.

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