you may have been wondering…

You may be wondering what about Gabriel House? What about the kids? What does she do? Or even how can I be praying? 

Gabriel House…

Gabriel House is made up for the most part of three different areas or ‘houses.’ “Casa Grande” is where the babies and the kids with more severe disabilities live. It is also where we all go to eat and is quite popular to our kids due to the big TV in the front… The boys’ house is for the ‘older’ boys that have cerebral palsy, and the pre-school is down below. With the exception of my roommate and me, all the workers are from here, so working at Gabriel House truly is their job and source of income.

The kids…

We currently have 7 kids in our class. And they can be a handful at times. They are full of energy and creativity and personality—each with his or her own. Marcos is like any boy and loves to build but avoids homework as much as possible. Omar is already proving quite a leader—intelligent and disciplined with school yet goofy. Pily and Marisol are really sweet. Ruben likes to dance and busts out some of the best dance moves. Nay Nay loves to jump and swing. Chloe is the youngest and the smallest and can be seen in her personality as well. They all have spent time in time out, but they are truly precious, and I love each of them lots. It’s amazing how much I can miss them after not being there for just a day or so.

What I do…

I help teach the pre-school class. However, this also includes doing the laundry; helping bathe them, feed them, clean their pre-school room, etc. Keeping it all clean is a big part here whether a Gabriel House thing or a cultural thing I am still coming to grasp, but either way it is a part of my responsibility. I love playing with the kids and seeing them positively express their creativity as opposed to hitting each other and I am hoping to do more activities with the kids if possible.


Please. Pray that I would continue to be equipped. Pray for continue patience with kids and that I would model Christ in the way I love them. Please pray that the Lord would open doors for me to give the kids more opportunities for activities—for the Holy Spirit to go before me and to guide me in His timing.


One response to “you may have been wondering…

  • Holly Jenkins

    Hannah, We are praying for you as you do the work of the Lord. I am sure you will touch the lives of the children there as well as the lives of those that you come in contact with. Praying for your safety and God to use you in mighty ways.

    In Christ,


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