Back for a visit

For three summers I worked with Real Life Ministries, with Dennis and Debbie Hollenbeck to build homes, and last summer I served as an intern working all summer as opposed to just one week. Today though, I got a special treat. I got to go back to visit—not only Dennis and Debbie and Sergio—but also one of the families whose home I worked on last summer.

Horizon Youth 508Almost a year ago now, we went to Javier’s house to meet him and his father Pascuel and to look at the site where we would build his new house. Disabled and in a wheelchair, Javier struggled to get to his house sitting on the side of a hill. So we built him a new one. After two weeks on the project, we left with the walls stuccoed and the sheetrock hung and electric run.

Today though, I got to return to see how much farther it has come. I got to see the tiled floor, the plumbing, the windows, the textured and painted walls and ceiling, the handicap accessible bathroom and lights and ceiling fans, and as of today the new countertops. It’s amazing to see how it has come along from where it was.

Javier's House 006Javier's House 002Javier's House 007

Even more, it was amazing to see Javier and Pascuel again, and to talk with them over lunch. Some of my most lasting memories from last summer are from the two weeks I worked on their house and spent getting to know them, so to return to get to once more see my dear friends truly warmed my heart.


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