10 little differences

  1. No drinking the water (similar to Waco except you could really get sick here)
  2. No flushing the toilet paper (if you have been to mexico this isn’t weird. If not well… yeah)
  3. Stove settings are high or higher.
  4. Buses don’t have stops. You just stand on the side of the road and one will pull over. Then you tell them when you want off.
  5. Everyone is called mi hija or mi hijo—translated my son or daughter
  6. Stores are also found in homes just down the street. Legit.
  7. Most used words—sientete and calmate: Sit down and calm down. I spend most of my time with the young ones.
  8. My day starts a bit earlier… earliest classes started at 11. Now I check in at 6:30.
  9. View is of the mountains.
  10. Speak Spanish and English.

One response to “10 little differences

  • katherineannerob

    Haha I loved reading this, especially after my summer in mexico last summer. So glad to know you are embracing all of it!

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