Day 1.

After travelling 5 hours in the air and an hour and a half in a van from San Diego, I arrived at Gabriel’s House early in the afternoon. I wish I could express to you all that I experienced and observed in just the first day, but I don’t know that there are words to express the mix of emotions. Any doubt I ever had about coming left me when I began speaking to the first child. There are so many kids and so many needs. Each child is so precious and as I began to hear the stories it began to sink in. We all know that there is something about experiencing first hand that gives you a whole different understanding. And I am learning so much, yet at the same time realize the vast amount I don’t know. 

The next couple of days will be spent continuing to get to know the kids—the kids at Casa Grande, the boys’ house, and what is known as the HIV or here VIH class (though only a couple have HIV) that I will be working with—there are eight of them each with an amazing personality and huge potential. When I begin to work, I will be working two days on and two days off in twelve hour shifts checking in at 6:30 in the morning. This allows GH not to have to hire another paid worker. Though the women are only paid a fraction of what we are in the States, their payroll is often not met, as the children and their needs always come first. With this said, I would encourage you to consider supporting Gabriel House. As for my days off, I kind of doubt I will really take them completely “off.” The children I have already gotten to know I have already come to love so incredibly much.

One response to “Day 1.

  • Mary Sample

    Glad to find your blog! I am praying for you – and am so very proud of who you are.

    I will be excited to see how God works this summer!

    Much, much love!


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