16 days and counting…

I sit here now, at my desk in Waco, TX, in my apartment at Baylor. In a couple of hours, I will take my last final and then drive back to Little Rock, and in just over two weeks from today, I will board a plane for San Diego and then proceed to Mexico. I pause as I really don’t know what to say next. It has been a whirlwind of a semester—crazy yet ever so purposeful. But at the same time, though quite cliché, it seems just like yesterday…

It seems like yesterday that I was thinking 30 days yet now I sit just 16 off. It seems like yesterday that I was writing support letters and asking you to come behind me to support prayerfully and financially making it a reality. And as God is faithful you have. And though it has now been a full semester, it feels like just a couple days before that I was talking with a friend as I was reminded of my love for Mexico and my desire to return.  With some urging to pursue that desire I heard back from Mexican Medical. So now, nine months after first hearing about Gabriel’s House for the first time, I am getting ready to leave.  

Please pray for me in the next two weeks as I go back to Little Rock to spend time with friends and family. Pray that the Lord would build me up in His word and continue to fill me with excitement for what He has for me this summer. Pray that He would prepare me in every way possible!


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