Reckless Faith.

From Reckless Faith by Beth Guckenberger:

A refined faith has charts and programs and plans. It’s full of calculated steps and hand wringing. A refined faith is impressed with the big deals, big buildings, and big numbers. Certainly, God sometimes orchestrates big deals and provides for big buildings—but he is not counting heads. He just counts the hairs on each head.


A reckless faith, by contrast, understands that the best use for an expensive bottle of perfume may be to wash someone’s feet. A reckless faith builds an ark before there’s even a cloud in the sky. A reckless faith charges into the sea before thinking that God may part the water. A reckless faith leaves ninety-nine sheep to go after one lost one. It does not need man’s approval—or man’s money. It honors God in the classroom, even when no one else there reveres him. A reckless faith doesn’t make moral compromises at the office, even when they’re expected. A reckless faith believes in “till death do us part.”


Unrefined does not mean immature or unthinking. The truth is, the closer I grow to God, the more experiences and knowledge I accumulate, the more recklessly I desire to live. As a result, I want to ask God to heal my friend without mumbling that even if he doesn’t, I’ll try again later. I want to give away more than 10 percent, since I know how to live comfortably with whatever is left over. I want to say yes to projects and relationships even when they sometimes don’t make sense.


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