Week #12… the last group

The last group arrived a little while ago. It is hard to believe that I have been here for 11 weeks now. It doesnt seem that long ago that I was sitting on a plane with very little idea of what this summer would really look like. But now, I look back on the summer and am amazed. God has done so much. I have seen Him work in ways that I never expected, He has touched my heart in ways that I can hardly comprehend, I have witnessed lives completely changed by a week’s work, and God has taught me things this summer that I only thought I already knew. But the summer isn’t over, and God isn’t done using me or teaching me in Mexico.

Our last group is from Illinois, and is a small group of only 8 people. Nevertheless, we will build a house this week and a family’s life will be forever changed by the work that is done. But we still need prayers.

Please pray:

1. For the completion of the project

2. For safety as we finish the summer

3. That we as a staff can reflect and see all the ways that God has worked and is working in and through each of us.


One response to “Week #12… the last group

  • Susie and Cole

    I cry every time I read your blog. I love to read your words because you are in the midst of such wonderful things and your heart is so open to God.
    We love you and pray for continued blessings during these last days.
    Susie and Cole

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