As the summer comes to a close, I have taken some time to reflect on all that I have learned, the ways that I have seen God work this summer, and the lives that have been touched. I cannot share with you everything, but I feel that I must share one of the greatest blessings that I have been given. I have always thought myself blessed to have a great family- two great parents and an older brother. But I never thought that I would be so blessed as to have TWO families. But that is what I have come to realize in the past weeks.

Here in Ensenada, we have become more than staff. We have become more that friends. We are family. We work together. We play together. We joke with each other. We encourage each other. We bicker a little and laugh a lot. We all play a different part in the team, and in the family.

Dennis is the driving force behind us all. We joke that his team is the pirate ship, and Debbie’s the cruise ship. Dennis pushes us to do our very best, but after the work is done, he is there to play and joke around. He is like a second dad to me now and Debbie, a second mom. She is a mother figure to us all and shows the sympathy and gives the encouragement. She is always working in the background, but is so important. Sergio is the oldest intern and is full time staff. He knows what is going on and is our ‘second’ boss. Ben is the ‘sailboat,’ evenkeeled. Very little slows him down- even when he fell through the roof a couple weeks ago, he got back up and kept going. We can always count on Fernando for a smile, a joke, and a laugh. He named himself Donkey from Shrek. It fits well. Ruben is quiet, but hard working and we can always count on him to get the job done well. And Ana Christina does VBS. She leads the children and the groups so well, and she is always so encouraging to all of us, always offering sweet words, a smile, or a hug.

I can’t imagine this summer without any one of them. They all will hold a special place in my heart forever. Because now, I don’t just have one family. I have two. I have an american family. And I have a mexican family. Here I am one of six. I have one older brother, three younger brothers, and one younger sister. And thats what we are-Sisters and brothers. Family.


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