Two left…

Friday night we presented two more houses to a family in need and a church in need. It gets me every time. This week, all the students from Valley Community Church lined up with roses to hand the family as they walked down the aisle to the door of their new home- roses to add the first splash of color to their home. They followed by giving them a stove and thanking them for the opportunity to serve. And the family, through tears of joy, gave thanks to God and to all of us for being an answer to her prayers. The other home will be used to house missionaries that come to visit the church in San Antonio de las Minas.

Although the work can be hard, the time with the group can be draining, and the art of not doing can be frustrating, it all is so worth it when you look into the gracious eyes of the mother who now has a new home for her family. Any difficulties, any hardships, any struggles that week- they are all forgotten as we present the house. It never gets old, and I never tire of doing so. There is something about being the hands and feet of Christ in this way that I just can’t quite seem to get enough of. And I don’t think I ever will. So many people are ready for summer to be over- to head back to their lives at school. They are counting down the days until they will be back among their friends. But as excited as I am to see everyone and to hear all that they have experienced this summer, I am not counting down the days. All summer I have been “ready”- ready for the group, ready for the day, ready to work hard- but now I am not ready. I am not ready to only have two weeks left, or to finish the summer, or to board the plane. But with that said, I still have two weeks left, and I plan to make the most of every moment- to finish strong and to do it all for the Lord-for Jesus.

So as we work with our next to last project, Pray:

1. that we finish strong with the same purpose and energy that we began the summer with

2. that the project runs smoothly (it is different than our typical project)

3. that Ben, another intern, heals quickly from his dislocated knee

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