A home for a friend


Wow doesn’t even hardly capture this week. A couple weeks ago, we went to look at one of the project sites and to talk with two men that have now become very dear to me. A couple weeks ago there sat two houses on the side of a hill, both of which were falling apart. A couple weeks ago, there was no platform, no forms, no cement, no nothing. Now, although we are not finished, there is something. No. There is a lot more than something. There is a platform that at some places is 30 feet above the ground and on that platform sits a twenty foot by twenty foot house with four walls that have been covered in lath and a layer of stucco. And on top of those walls there are trusses that hold up the roof. The house is easy to get into so that Javier and Pascuel, who are both handicapped, no longer have to climb down a steep hill (that many of us slipped and fell on) to get to the front door. It is wired so then when it is finished, Javier will be able to reach all the switches and plugs from his wheelchair. But it is not done. We are far from finished. The scaffling still sits 20 feet off the ground so that we can finish what will become the nicest house Javier has ever owned, and the biggest project that Real Life Ministries has ever done.

But this week has been about so much more than throwing out all our typical responsibilities and figuring out how to build a house on the side of a hill. This week we have all been touched deeply, and will continue to be touched by the life of our brother Javier and the way in which he reflects our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though Javier can barely walk, and has to spend most of his day in his wheelchair, everytime I see him, he has a smile on his face and a kind word or a picture to give me. This week, many of the students spent time talking with him as he drew them pictures or practiced English, and not only was Javier encouraged, but every single one of them was deeply touched as well. Typically, we do not get to know the family this well, but this week, we weren’t just building a house for a family in need. We were building a home for a friend-for a brother. my brother. your brother.

Mother Theresa once said “I have found that the pardox is this that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” She couldn’t have been any more right.

To see the video of this week, visit:


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