No hay palabras…

We finished our fifth home and the presentation was priceless. Two weeks ago the family was notified that the lady they were renting from had not been paying her taxes and now the government could come seize everything they own at any moment, so the house came as a huge blessing. When Dennis called them to tell them that it would be done, they kept asking well is there a floor? What about walls? And a roof? Already? They could hardly believe that it had all come together with a cement floor that wasn’t going to break. Then, when they arrived, both the mother and the father were overwhelmed by their emotions, and the mother kept saying “No puedo explicarlo. No hay palabras”  I can’t explain it. There just aren’t words to explain. And there aren’t.

This week, we have another small group here from California. However, the project will be very different. This week we will be building a home for Javier, an old friend of Dennis’. Another group was supposed to build the platform as it is on a steep hill, but only got part of it done, so we will have a group working on that on Monday. Additionally, rather than building on cement, we will be building on a wood platform, and most everything will change. So, I ask that you please pray for this project this week.

Please Pray:

1.      That the platform is completed on Monday and that we are ready to put the walls and trusses on on Tuesday.

2.      That the project comes together better than we expect

3.      That the group clearly sees the impact of their work on Javier and his dad.


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