Four going on Five

Me and my dad
Thus far I have helped build four houses and am almost through with my fifth. Last week, the group from my home church in Little Rock was here. It was lots of fun to greet my youth pastor, Scott, who has impacted me immensely, my dad, who came to work here and to visit me, and a whole group of high schoolers that I have spent time with and invested in over the last couple of years.
Last week, we built two houses which was quite difficult to say the least. With the staff split in half, we all had to do parts of the project that we don’t typically take part in, and to work twice as hard on the parts that we do typically oversee. Nevertheless, we finished the homes with enough time to play a little at the end (both at the site and at the beach).

This past week, we built homes for two women from Casa Esperanza (House of Hope), a home for battered women and children. The last two summers, we built homes at Casa Esperanza, but were not able to put faces with the homes we built. This year, we got to present the homes to each family and to thank them for the opportunity to serve them and to serve God—to become a part of their lives and a part of their history. There really is nothing like giving someone a home they had never dreamed of having… its such a God thing!

Every night, as part of devotions, my group shares testimonies. Everyone has to share their testimony one of the nights. It was so encouraging to see how God has changed lives, but also so good to see those who are struggling share their struggles, share their past trials, and ask questions without caring about others’ opinions. And it was even better to see the group come together to encourage one another. However, I must say that one of my favorite parts was seeing Shannon Pere baptized in the ocean on Friday night…

This week, we have a group here from Sunnyside, Washington, and we are well on our way to completing the home!

Nevertheless, please pray:

1.      For the completion of the project

2.      For the family that is going to move in (they received notice two weeks ago that they have to move out of the home that they are renting because the landlord hadn’t paid the taxes. At any time, the government can come in and seize all of their possessions)

3.      For health and energy for me





One response to “Four going on Five

  • justin ross

    ocean baptism! Man that’s a nice one!!

    ok.. man.. hannah don’t even think for an instant you’d rather be at home with friends.
    I bet that thought doesn’t hit you often.. but man.. I am loving how you get to interact with people’s lives.. not just tell them what to do. Peace!

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