Horizon Family Week



This week has been truly amazing! To give a sufficient account of all the good this week would take far too long, but I will share bits and pieces. The group was really great and quickly pulled us in, making all of us here feel a part. Throughout the week I got to know a number of the families and was quick to realize how amazing they all were as the parents’ love for the Lord and their children was apparent not only through their speech and actions, but also through that of their children.


As I think back just on today, I can hardly express how great of a day it was. Not because it was easy, but because I had to trust God, and because I got to see the impact of our work on the family. Thursdays seem to stretch me the most as a lot of the work depends heavily on us as interns, and I often don’t feel like I do quite a sufficient job. Nevertheless, today, our wall turned out great and we finished in time to eat tamales that the family had made us and present the house. Thus stretching me far out of my comfort zone. Although I like to speak in Spanish with others, I feel really uncomfortable speaking in front of a group or translating. However, today, I was asked to translate for the group as they thanked the mother for the opportunity to work, again in VBS as I have helped lead songs and craft all week, and again tonight as I took all the orders and translated for the group at the taco stand. Though difficult for me, I am learning so much and I know that God has purpose in me overcoming my discomfort.


As for the presentation today—my eyes quickly filled with tears. When I told her that the group has also gotten her a couch bed, she was overcome with gratitude and emotion. Then, as she thanked God and us for the blessing of this home, tears fell from my eyes. What a witness to God. It is so incredibly amazing to be God’s hands and feet here—to be able to help others help our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to see the impact on those here. Wow.


Then—to watch the families come together tonight to baptize some of the children—to see the whole family baptize one child in front of the others and then to share in communion with them on the beach—what an amazing example all of the families have set! I am so grateful to God for the group and for ways in which God has shown himself to me through them this week!


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