Two worlds combined

There is so much to talk about—so many stories; so many ways that God has worked; so many things that I have learned—that it is hard to choose what to say in the little time I have to type. So, if you have questions about what I am doing or learning or anything else, feel free to comment or email me and ask!


Me, Sergio, Fernando, and Ben (4 of the 6 summer interns)

Lately I have found that I am understanding more and more Spanish and that I think through almost everything in both Spanish and English, and I am becoming more and more accustomed to it. It was so apparent tonight as I went from small group (speaking completely in Spanish) to meeting the group for this week (all in English). It was so weird, and I found myself wanting to speak in Spanish instead of English! Crazy huh? During devotions I had a similar experience. I found myself thinking through the lyrics and singing in Spanish instead of English. Not only that, but I have found that I have become part of the church here. I am a part of the jovenes now. Already, I know most of the group and have quickly become friends with many of them. I go to activities with them (like serenading all the father’s last night for father’s day) and help with the other jovenes with the nursery, Sunday school, and serving in other capacities within the church. What an answer to prayer—I am coming to understand Spanish and to find a place here. Thank you for praying for me…


As for this week… it will be very different from last week, and once again very different from the rest of the summer. This week, we have a family group here from central California. Thus, we have men, women, and children all here to serve the Lord through working and doing VBS. Also, unlike last week, we will have VBS. Since we have a big group and only one project, I will be helping with the bible school and leading the children in the craft each day, which will really stretch me to explain everything in Spanish. Nevertheless, I know that God will give me the words to say, and that this week will go great. Already, the group has made all of us feel a part of them!


This week though, please pray:

  1. For completion of the project
  2. That the vacation bible school will run smoothly
  3. For the group that is here and the lives that will be changed

One response to “Two worlds combined

  • Carrie

    Hanna, it has been great reading about your experiences and the ways God is using you in Mexico. I just wanted to let you know once again that I am still praying for you and totally excited for everything you are getting to encounter and learn this summer.

    Love you!

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