Today we went to San Antonio de las Minas and Loma Linda in order to visit the sites and talk with some of the families that we will be building homes for later in the summer. Seeing the homes today once again opened my eyes to the drastic needs of the people here. One aspect of it breaks my heart (especially when we may not be able to meet the need) while another aspect of it is really exciting—to see the need now and know the way in which God will meet it later this summer.


One of the people we are scheduled to build a new home for is a man by the name of Javier. He is an old friend of Dennis’. Javier has sclerosis and arthritis and is confined to a wheelchair with little use of his hands. He lives with his father who is aged, and as a result of his diabetes had to have his leg amputated. Although he does have a prosthetic leg, because of the way his leg was amputated, the prosthetic device does not fit correctly and he has to use crutches. To add to it all, their home is on the side of a mountain and is difficult to get into and out of without crutches or a wheel chair. Nevertheless, they do so and with a smile. While there today, Javier was so happy just to have us there—to show us his artwork (which is incredible despite the state of his hands).


Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure if we will be able to build Javier a new house this summer. For this project, we are working with another missionary who lives and works in his area. They are supposed to build the platform for us to build on, but they have not even started yet, and we are about a month away from when we are scheduled to work there. Even if they don’t get their half done, we will still fix up his home he is in now. Nevertheless, please pray for Javier, his father, the missionary, and the work that will be done for him this summer. Pray that the missionary gets the platform built and that we can give Javier an easily accessible home.

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