One down… Im not sure how many to go…

The first house is done.

 The Whole group from IBDEA with the family in front of their house

Left: All of the group from IBDEA with Sophia and her home

 Right :Sophia serving us the Pazoli that she had made us


This week there were about 18 0r 20 of us (including the 7ish staff) working together to build an addition for a lady named Sophia, her husband, and her infant son. Last summer, a group built the first half which she has been living in, but now we were able to finish it, doubling the size. Everyone worked hard even though the people changed each day and throughout the day as they had to go to school. Nevertheless, we completed the project with only a few easily fixed mistakes. It spoke quite a bit to the family and the others in the community to see jovenes from here coming to help instead of youth from the US. If only more had the financial support to do the same! What if US churches funded different church groups from here locally to do build the homes? What a difference that would make!


Me and Sergio (He is full time staff here)



All in all though, the week has been great… hard at times, but really and truly great. I have definitely been stretched. I am pushed to lead, direct, and even at times push the others, which is not a very comfortable place to be when you only halfway speak the language. I still struggle to understand what the others are saying, but I am slowly picking up on the Spanish and learning lot of new vocabulary, especially as I have made many new friends in the jovenes group. They are really nice and for the most part, don’t mind repeating things more than once. J


The jovenes group in the back of the van on the way to get ice cream 🙂


As for the work aspect… well… my body definitely can tell that I have worked this week… and that’s only one project out of the 11 or 12 we will do this summer. Nevertheless, I love it. This week was kind of crazy as the other new interns and I had to learn how to do everything correctly and teach the others at the same time. Once again, I had to overcome the language barrier. Also, I am learning the value in letting others learn and enjoy working even if it means spending extra time fixing mistakes. Although the activities and atmosphere were different this week, the work for me is pretty typical:

Monday: trusses and mudding

Tuesday: help with putting the walls up (this includes using the nail gun—one of my favorite parts J), wiring the house, and lathing…. Oh lathing

Wednesday: More lathing and then stucco

Thursday: Second coat of stucco and electric inside the house



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