The first group arrives…

Today our first group arrives. However, this is not the typical Sunday as this is not the typical group. This week the jovénes, or youth group, from Dennis and Debbie’s church will be here to work. All of the students speak Spanish, so there will be little English used, and since technically they are still in school, they will be coming and going throughout the day and throughout the week.  As a result, we may find ourselves shorthanded as we try to pour the cement slab, put together the walls and trusses, and lath and stucco the walls.


This week, please pray:

  1. For my ability to comprehend and speak Spanish
  2. For the completion of the project with the people we have working
  3. For the relationships I will build with the jovénes as I will be attending church with them all summer


Also, please continue to pray:

  1. For sustained health and safety
  2. For the families who will have new homes or additions
  3. For the hearts of me, the staff, the students and the families we are working with.

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