Life’s little lessons…

Each day I learn a little bit more… I learn about tools, I learn where things belong, I learn Spanish, and I learn life lessons. With many of the projects I work on, there are parallels to the way we treat our spiritual lives. Yesterday, Dennis set me to work replacing the speedometer in his truck. Had I ever done anything like it? No, of course not. Did he show me how to do it? No, he was quite intentional in not. However, he did give me the tools, and he told me he would help me if I really got stuck. So often our lives are like this. God asks us to do something we don’t know how to, or don’t feel qualified to do. He gives us the tools to respond to His calling, and He will help us upon request, but still we refuse. We tell ourselves that if God really wants us to do it, He will just make it happen. As if the speedometers would just switch on their own. It’s not that God can’t just make it happen, but He chooses not to—often because we have a lesson to learn. He wants us to grow, to change, to mature. Many times He is not merely calling us to the end result, but also to the process.


Looking back, I can see that God was not merely calling me to come to Mexico, but to the process of getting here—the initial steps of responding to His calling to come with FSM (and even with each of those trips there was a similar process); the opening of my heart to hear his calling; the transformation of my plans as I set aside my desires, replacing them with His plan; the faith I had to have to trust that He would work out the details (big and small—and there were quite a few); the prayer—oh the prayers I prayed for a revelation of His will; seeing God provide financially and the humility that comes with raising support and seeing friends and family invest in me—it has been quite a process… Nevertheless, it is clear that the process was also part of God’s will. I am different because of it. Had God written it on the sky ‘Hanna, this is what I want you to do’ I would have gained little, would be greatly lacking in faith, and in all reality, I probably wouldn’t respond. So here I am in Mexico, one week in, and there is no telling what the end result really looks like. At the same time I come to wonder is this the end result or am I in the process of responding to God’s calling for another part of my life?


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