Home Sweet Home

After eight hours of travel time, I landed in San Diego on Tuesday. I quickly met up with Dennis and Debbie Hollenbeck and we grabbed In-N-Out before picking up everything we need for the summer and heading across the border. After being up for 20, I was quick to make it to bed. Right now, everything is pretty relaxed. Although I have helped out some at the ministry site, most of my time has been spent helping cook and get ready for the Baja 500. Already though, I am settled and the Hollenbeck home is becoming my home as well.


It has been so reassuring to continuously see God’s faithfulness as He eases all my anxieties and frees me from my uncertainties for this summer. I am finally learning and realizing that He takes care of the little things too. God is so good and so incredibly faithful, it is sometimes difficult to grasp. All I have to do is rely on Him. Wow.

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